Letter: Many Thanks to My Visiting Nurses

Letter: Many Thanks to My Visiting Nurses


To the editor:

The spirit was willin’, but the flesh was weak is an apt summing up of my condition when I was recently briefly hospitalized before following home recovery.

Thank the Lord for the Visiting Nurses and associates of Aquidneck Island and East Bay who sure speeded my recovery.

I owe a lot to team leader highly professional and empathetic nurse Nancy Hobbins, aided and abetted by highly efficient CNA Marisa Moura who made this old (well, not that old) Mr. Chips laugh when laughter was the best medicine; and thanks to cheery therapists Carol Almeida and Jasmin Commons – to say nothing of my appreciation for the way physical therapist Laura Rensehausen put me through my paces “roughing me up” elegantly with the frisson of a Downton Abbey masseuse.  My brilliant, refreshingly youthful primary physician Dr. Geoffrey Hamilton and Marie were always there, as was Dr. Jeffrey Rock.

“So rock on!” says my pretty petite wife Louise.  Thanks again, Visiting Nurses, for ensuring I’m home with her – that’s what counts.

Paul Fletcher
31 Evelyn Drive