Letter: Lost wallet saga reveals helpful people

Letter: Lost wallet saga reveals helpful people


To the editor:

We would like to express our appreciation to several people in our community who helped our family during an anxiety-fraught situation last Wednesday evening.

It started when Randy, a visiting relative, accidentally left his wallet behind at Lees Market. Calling Lees from our house on Drift Road, he was relieved to hear that they’d found the wallet and would hold it for him. He jumped in his rental car and set out for the market  … and got hopelessly lost, between his problems with night vision and his unfamiliarity with the area.

At home, we grew anxious as half an hour passed, then 45 minutes. Randy didn’t have his cell phone with him, so we had no way to reach him. After an hour we sent a search party out to Lees, but learned that he hadn’t even reached the market.

Our next stop was the Westport Police Department. They assured us that at least there hadn’t been any car accidents that evening, and that now they would watch for a white rental Kia with New Jersey plates.

Still, we had to wait another two nerve-wracking hours before the phone rang and we heard Randy’s voice on the other end of the line. He was at the CVS store on Route 6, where the manager had kindly allowed him to use their phone.

Whew. All’s well that ends well. Many thanks to the Westport police, Lees Market, and the State Road CVS for their kindness and helpfulness to our family!

Beatrice and Robert Gormley