Letter: Little Compton: Don’t take these great teachers from us

Letter: Little Compton: Don’t take these great teachers from us


To the editor:

Dear School Committee,

I am Olive Allen from Mr. Tomasso seventh grade class. As of Monday, the 24th of February, I found out Mr. Ford was only going to work three times a week. Also Mrs. Pineau was getting laid off. I’m ashamed of your foolish decisions. Mr. Ford is not only a teacher and a coach, he is a friend and he has helped me though rough and hard times.

For an example, when I was in 5th grade I was diagnosed with a bad case of dyslexia. Today I still struggle in school. I knew that he had dyslexia — he is my role model and he makes me believe that I can be whatever I want to be.

In fact I’m shooting high. I want to become a vet when I grow up. I will most likely succeed with the support Mr. Ford gives me. He has given me support that no teacher ever has. He is someone you can count on but, he can’t count on you to know he is safe to keep his job. In fact probably none of the teachers can, I know I would not.

Mrs. Pineau has children going into college or soon to be starting their own lives and she would like to help them start out I bet. You are over overwhelming Mrs. Morash because she could be the only second grade teacher. What if you were in her place?

If you want I will get a petition for these teachers, in fact all the teachers — tell me how many names and please stop giving out pink slips.  Teachers get mad, sad, and scared that they might lose their jobs. Next year is my last year but Mr. Ford and Mrs. Pineau are future role models for this school.  I will be there on Friday, the 27th of February. I hope you will change your decision. I hope I get a letter before Friday and know what you think.


Olive Allen

Age 12 Wilbur School

Little Compton