Letter: Little Compton charter change ideas? Share them Feb. 3

Letter: Little Compton charter change ideas? Share them Feb. 3


To the editor:

The Little Compton Charter Review Commission is seeking proposals from the public for potential charter amendments at its meeting at 6 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 3, in the Town Council chambers.

A Charter Review Commission is appointed by the Town Council every four years to review the town’s charter and make recommendations of changes that are deemed desirable. The current commission was appointed in January of last year and has been meeting monthly since then. We have reviewed the charter article by article and have solicited input from town elected officials, department heads, and all town boards and committees.

We have a number of potential recommendations for amendments that we will be evaluating further over the next several months. These include moving to a single assessor, strengthening the current business manager position, and reorganizing the committees that address recreation and conservation.

Those recommendations that are approved by the commission will be submitted to the Town Council by July 3 of this year.  The council can approve, reject, or amend those recommendations or offer its own proposed amendments.  The proposals that are approved by the council will appear on the ballot on November 4 of this year for the voters to decide if they should be adopted.

Our next meeting, on February 3 is focused solely on receiving input from the public on amendments to the charter. If you have ideas on changes that you believe should be made, then please attend this meeting in person or submit your ideas in writing to the commission through the Town Clerk’s office.  This is not a hearing or workshop on the commission’s recommendations.  That is tentatively scheduled for our meeting on April 28.

Little Compton Charter Review Commission

Scott Morrison, chairman; Jane Cabot, vice-chairwoman; Robert Torchia, secretary, Paul Golembeske, John Lint, Carolyn Montgomery, Billy Ryan