Letter: Lets’s have a supportive school budget for a change

Letter: Lets’s have a supportive school budget for a change


To the editor:

I write to applaud the teachers of Wilbur School who have made their way through all seasons under difficult conditions in the modular classrooms while delivering a fine education to local students.  The flexibility and the extra tasks performed by the teachers of Wilbur School have shown their willingness to do the best for their students. They should be applauded as the fine educators that they are.

This is the time of year when the school budget is being prepared and presented to the budget committee.  For five years there has been virtually flat funding for the schools, while the budgets for major town entities have risen.   This year should be different.

We will have a newly renovated school building, one that offers a safe and healthy environment for the children of the town — long overdue.  Let’s have a budget to support the teachers and the teaching program.  And let’s remember this is about our community’s children.

Betty Torphy

Little Compton


  1. Let’s get them more money to give to the teacher’s unions to support abortion and hard leftist politics! The student teacher ratio is about nine to one maybe shoot for two to one?