Letter: Let’s hope it’s not losers weepers

Letter: Let’s hope it’s not losers weepers


To the editor:

Thank you for running the article with the photo of our son and daughter-in-law’s missing dog, “Rumble,” in the Barrington Times of Feb. 26. While some friends did call to ask whether the little white, curly haired dog (part Bichon, part Shih Tzu) had been located yet, no one called either to say they could describe a person who picked up the dog on County Road and drove away, or, better yet, had found him and was letting us know that.

Because Route 114 leads in one direction to Massachusetts and in the other direction to Aquidneck Island, it is possible that Rumble is far away by now.  He does have a chip implanted in him (with the owner’s phone number and e-mail address)  and of course a collar with a tag, giving his name and his owner’s phone number.  We hope that some Good Samaritan picked Rumble up on that cold Friday night, but we also hope that this person has a conscience.

When we were children, our teachers and parents indicated that, despite the saying “Finders keepers, losers weepers,” most people still are guided by their conscience.   Let’s hope so!

Eileen Chekal