Letter: Kudos to Bristol’s public servants

Letter: Kudos to Bristol’s public servants


To the editor:
I know it’s human nature to complain. Folks will write when they are pissed off about something, but are often less inclined to take the time to compliment someone for doing a good job. So permit me to compliment a few people following the big storm we just had.

Kudos to our new town administrator, Tony Teixeira, and the folks at DPW for doing what I believe was an excellent job getting our streets cleaned up following a pretty significant snow storm this past weekend.

I think it is also worth noting that Tony and his wife, Jackie, along with other volunteers I am sure, stood duty all day and night Saturday and Sunday at the high school which served as an emergency shelter for folks without power. I can attest to the fact that Tony makes a pretty tasty French bread with a Portuguese touch.

It is this type of effort that gives one confidence that there are elected officials that actually believe in the concept of public service.

Well done Tony and Jackie and DPW and everyone else who volunteered their time to make this power outage experience a little less difficult to bear for some folks.

Pete  Hewett
11 Wendy Drive