Letter: Keep existing ferry service for Prudence

Letter: Keep existing ferry service for Prudence


Prudence Ferry-RichEditor’s note: The following text is an edited version of two letters that Prudence Island resident Marcy Dunbar recently wrote to the Portsmouth Town Council regarding Prudence Island Ferry.

To the editor:

I debated if I should write to you or not but after reading (an) article in the Sakonnet Times, I’m afraid you might take our present ferry service away, so I am writing.

I am 89 years old. In all my 87 years of living on Prudence Island, there has only been a Prudence Island ferry. For the last 25 years it has been owned and run by Bruce Medley. It has been given us reliable, steady and downright good service in all kinds of weather.

We have faith and trust in our captain and crew. They know the bay, the route (in fog) and are very well-organized.

When word was out about another ferry, in a little over a week we had over 200 people speak up or sign a petition to keep our present ferry and service. We all know two ferries can’t make a living off of us as we are a summer resort … nor can the parking lot handle all those cars.

Bruce Medley may not be popular in some people’s eyes, but he has given us very good service.

Marcy Dunbar

Prudence Island