Letter: Important issues await at Westport Special Town Meeting

Letter: Important issues await at Westport Special Town Meeting


To the editor:

All Westport registered voters are invited to exercise their power as the town’s legislature at a Special Town Meeting to be held Tuesday, Nov. 5, at Westport High School.

Westport always holds an Annual Town Meeting in the spring as required by state law. Optional Special Town Meetings used to be infrequent. When they were held they were often brief and involved little more than relatively unimportant financial housekeeping-shifting money from one account to another with no change in overall spending.

In recent years, Special Town Meetings have become more frequent and have addressed more issues of greater complexity than in the past. The November 5 meeting will address over $1.5 million in proposed new appropriations. It will also consider significant by-law changes affecting town government and door-to-door sales.

Those who attend can speak their mind on these issues and have their votes counted. Those who don’t will have no say and will have to live with the decisions of those who attend. The warrant and a brief explanation of the each warrant article prepared by Town Administrator Jack Healy can be found at the www.westporttownmeeting.com website. I hope to see you there.

Steven Fors, D.C.

Westport moderator