Letter: Her senior project meant the world to a Tiverton child

Letter: Her senior project meant the world to a Tiverton child


To the editor:

Have you met Maisie? Probably not. She is my daughter, a sister, a grandchild and also an undiagnosed severe and profoundly delayed special needs child. I am writing to tell you and the town about a young woman by the name of Sara Whiston who made a difference.

Sara is a senior at Tiverton High School who has brought together families and a community through one single senior project and what I consider an incredible act of compassion and kindness.

Sara’s senior project was a walk/run to support Tiverton Special Olympics. Tiverton wouldn’t have Special Olympians if it weren’t for a  woman by the name of Jen Landoch, but that is another story.

This incredible young woman’s event happened this weekend Saturday, April 27, from 9 -12. It was a success! I can’t tell you the total number of participants, but I can tell you I wish there had been more. There were baked goods, a raffle, cases of water and oranges for the runners and the non-runners.

Maisie walked the track with other volunteers from Special Olympics. Her favorite “buddy” Abby Rezendes could have been with her friends, but Abby chose to stay with Maisie. We saw some teachers, some friends and town residents.

I didn’t know about the walk. The only way I found out is because I sometimes substitute teach in Tiverton and while at Pocasset School I saw a flyer on the teacher’s desk and made a copy.  All senior projects are well thought out, but this particular one was out of the realm. She made a difference and supported a group of individuals who are ignored, stared at, called retarded, suffer others’ impatience, and 76% of whom are abused as adults.

I can’t thank Sara enough for what she did, as well as the people who participated, but I can’t help but wonder why such an important project was not noted by the principal, the athletic department, and advisors? Perhaps if it was, Sara’s project would have touched more people. Just a thought.

Thank you to Sara, and all who participated.

Pamela Durkin-Levakis



  1. This project sounds fantastic. It is unfortunate that a nut like Pam had to be the one to write a letter to the editor about it.