Letter: Hats off to Jeanne Smith on tolls

Letter: Hats off to Jeanne Smith on tolls


To the editor:

Jeanne Smith worked tirelessly to stop the tolls on the new Sakonnet Bridge — busing people to the State House in Providence, collecting signatures opposing the bridge tolls, (organizing) meetings in high schools in Portsmouth and Tiverton and having signs made so we in the Bay area could express ourselves.

Well, 500 people showed up in the high schools. That to me was a poor showing. (At) the State House meeting, 150 people showed up. I am very disappointed with the people on Aquidneck Island.

Over 31,000 signed the petition. That is not enough. The cars in Portsmouth, Middletown and Tiverton did not display “No tolls” on their car windows. Why?

I never met Jeanne, but thanks to her I was able to get to the State House and was able to display the “No tolls” sign in my back window. I will continue to do so for as long as needed.

Apathy in this country is prevalent and I might say the same about the people in the East Bay area. Jeanne, thank you.

Filomena Tougas



  1. Jeanne Smith is one of the main reasons all the toll bills continue to fail. What kind of foolishness is this??

    You can call on H6210 if you enjoy calling on dead bills. Some of you enjoy appearing at meaningless committee hearings so this might be right up your alley.

  2. When is he going to make an appearance instead of hiding behind that pic from the 70’s-80’s? The BeeGees or was it the Partridge family still want their hair back.

    Jeanne Smith is a hero. She stood up when many were staying silent. We need more people like her.