Letter: Happy 40th Bristol Senior Center

Letter: Happy 40th Bristol Senior Center


Bristol Sr. Ctr signTo the editor:

The Benjamin Church Senior Center is celebrating its 40th anniversary Sunday, March 24.

Hail to The Bristol Senior Center
Forty years of elderly mentor
For all those over age fifty five
They help if they no longer drive
Doctor, dentist – they will get you there
Free transport instead of taxi fare
They take you to the grocery store
Then driver Doug brings bags to your door
They offer a daily noon time meal
In a setting with social appeal
Prescription pick up and banking days
They help seniors in all sorts of ways

Saul Ricklin
145 Ferry Road


  1. I have been on that bus and the nice driver sang “TIE A YELLOW RIBBON AROUND THE OLD OAK TREE” for me as it was my 85th birthday.I was so happy everyone here is so helpfull.