Letter: Friendships grew at garden shop, too

Letter: Friendships grew at garden shop, too


To the editor:

When a person can go to work every day and be surrounded by flowers, it is a very special thing. For a total of 21 years I had that pleasure as an employee of the Vanhof family at their Island Garden Shop in Portsmouth. To me, it was always more than just a job.

Over the years, I found that as we nourished daily the beautiful trees, plants and flowers in our care, friendships grew up around us as well. First, I want to thank the many customers who became very special people to me. I will remember always what real friends share — not only the serious talks over shared concerns, but especially the wonderful laughter and fun we had over the small, silly, happier things of every day.

Especially, I think my co-workers and, of course, the Vanhofs themselves, who made all of it possible for so many years. I wish you all that perfect balance of live-giving rain and sunshine in all your own gardens wherever they may be.

Louise Gauthier