Letter: Former School Committee member backs DaPonte

To the editor,
I would like to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Bob Faria. I have have lived in East Providence almost my entire life and have been active in volunteering for church and local youth sport organizations for over 20 years. I also spent 6 years serving Ward 3 on the School Committee.
I am writing to tell you how important this election is to the residents of East Providence. One of the most important races that we face as a community is for the State Senate 14 Seat.
I have many reasons for supporting Senator Daponte. Included in these are his stand on pension reform, along with his leadership and his regard for all the citizens of East Providence.
Under Senator Daponte’s Leadership, East Providence was able to receive an advance on educational funds in the 2nd quarter of 2012. Because of this, the city was able to meet the payroll of every single one of its employees in June. The magnitude of the crisis that was averted would have been  huge without this intervention from Senator Daponte. The City of East Providence would have faced bankruptcy.
Senator Daponte’s stand on Pension Reform is quite possibly the biggest positive influence that he has shown us. Senator Daponte was an important influence in the pension reform saving the state hundreds of millions of dollars and the City of East Providence millions!
With the savings that were created from the pension reform and Senator Daponte’s commitment to this state and the City of East Providence, Rhode Island has been put on the path to financial stability for the future.
In closing, I would like to remind every resident of East Providence the importance of voting on September 11, 2012 for Senator Daponte. I believe a vote for Senator Daponte is a positive step to a secure financial future for East Providence and the State of Rhode Island.
Robert Faria
East Providence

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