Letter: For the sake of youth recreation and more, vote no on...

Letter: For the sake of youth recreation and more, vote no on 3


To the editor:

The benefits of the Community Preservation Committee (CPC) are immense and help enrich our town in good times and in bad. We, as a community, should see that the benefits serve four primary areas: Open space, community housing, recreation, and historic. CPC and state matched monies have been working to help increase the values of our town.

Next fall, WUYS ( Westport Youth Soccer) will be opening new fields on Sanford Road that will help meet the growing space demands of young soccer players in our town. In the next several years, WYAA ( Westport Youth Athletics) will be developing even more space on Route 177 for baseball, softball and soccer. Our town is growing and CPC money is helping and having immediate impact. I urge you to visit their webpage to learn about all of the benefits they provide. Http://www.westport-ma.com/cpc/index.html

It’s not often we can find matching money from the state. Since 2002, the State of Massachusetts has sent  $2,132,629 in matched funds! If you love our town, the space, the water, and the history then support CPC 2 percent in the upcoming vote.

Answer no to 1 percent (Question 3).

Ken Sullivan