Letter: For Little Compton schools, a week to celebrate

Letter: For Little Compton schools, a week to celebrate


To the editor,

This has been a great week for the town of Little Compton and particularly for the school children who have returned from spring vacation to a beautifully and expertly renovated building.  To those from the community (the Building Committee, the Town Council, the School Committee, the Budget Committee and the school administrators), we express our gratitude. Many, many volunteer hours have been spent to make this project possible and the renovated Wilbur & McMahon School is a terrific asset to our town.

We also especially thank the teachers who had to adapt and work hard to make the transitions from school to modular buildings and back to school as smooth as possible for the students.

The completion of the project is testimony to the good will so many in the community feel toward its children.  Little Compton Community First (LCCF) strongly supports the best education for our children and all that is great about our town.  Since our formation in the late winter of 2013 as a non-partisan organization, we have …

• Raised awareness about volunteer opportunities throughout the town, including the recent Little Compton Earth Day clean-up organized by the Sogkonate Garden Club and help with the annual holiday food baskets.

• Helped to support local businesses with our “buy local” message.

• Shared information about other non-profit services and events, including senior services at the Wellness Center and the recent LC Community Center “Chowder & Chili” fundraiser at Crowther’s Restaurant.

• Helped to raise hundreds of dollars for a local family’s mounting medical bills.

• Raised awareness of agendas and details of all official town meetings while encouraging civic participation.

Monitored DEM decisions that affect our town and environs.

And at the Wilbur & McMahon School…

• Supported, for the sake of the health of our children, the full cleaning and testing of both the main school and modular school buildings when mold problems were discovered

• Supported the full maintenance of our terrific band and music programs.

• Fought strongly, for the sake of the safety of our children, against the idea to possibly eliminate bus monitors on our curvy Little Compton roads.

• Raised awareness about and encouraged participation at school events and fundraisers, including the recent 8th Grade fundraisers for the annual class trip to Washington DC.

• Attended school and budget committee meetings to advocate for a fair operating school budget and the best possible education for our children.

From the start, LCCF has been and continues to be a non-political, non-partisan organization with the goal of promoting all that is best about Little Compton.  If you would like to join our mailing list or would like additional information, please write to [email protected]

David Middleton

Coordinator, Little Compton Community First