Letter: Fishing tourneys, tolls: Maybe Tiverton, Little Compton should leave RI

Letter: Fishing tourneys, tolls: Maybe Tiverton, Little Compton should leave RI


To the editor:

The state if Rhode Island, in its infinite wisdom, has purposely chosen that the preservation of the quality of drinking water from Stafford Pond is of little import. The rights of the non-resident fishermen are more important and profitable.

Powerboats with gasoline and oil leaking into our drinking water are acceptable to them, as well as human waste after many hours out on the water.

Once our precious water supply is polluted and undrinkable, is the state prepared to spend the money required to clean up the mess? And then what — where will our safe water supply come from?

Pumping treated sewage waste from the high school into Stafford Pond is just as irresponsible. In the near future, clean water supplies will be a more valuable commodity than oil and should be protected at all costs.

The proposed Sakonnet River Bridge tolls are designed to raise revenue for the state and will cripple small business, adding to the cost of doing business substantially. Local families cross that bridge many times a day for shopping and carting kids to school and afternoon activities. Why don’t we capitalize on the summer tourist traffic and leave local residents alone. Use identifiable transponders (residence required) at no cost per crossing and bring the full toll fee from $5.25 per crossing to $8 to make up the lost revenue.

The powers-that-be treat the residents of Tiverton and Little Compton like unwanted step-children. Perhaps a solute would be for our towns to quit Rhode Island and join Massachusetts. They seem to treat their small towns and municipalities with more consideration.

Christina Sharp