Letter: Face it, marijuana is medication

Letter: Face it, marijuana is medication


To the editor:

So you’re having trouble wrapping your head around state law, Councilwoman Pedro?

Regardless of personal feelings, preconceived notions or years of propaganda to the contrary, it is now a widely accepted fact that marijuana, a non-processed seed-bearing plant, is medication.

Councilwoman Pedro, Larry Fitzmorris, The Portsmouth Town Council and Portsmouth Concerned Citizens need to accept this fact and allow Seth Bock and his team of healthcare providers begin to serve their state-licensed patients.

It is presumptuous, harmful and downright mean spirited for the vocal minority to further hinder safe access to medication for those who choose a more natural alternative to laboratory-created concoctions that have negative side effects and drug reactions worse than the illnesses themselves.

This most current hindrance, the proposed “medical marijuana tax” the Portsmouth town council would like to institute, has already been explored and decided by state legislators. Medical marijuana is already subject to state sales tax as well as an additional 4 percent compassion center surcharge as outlined in R.I. Emergency Regulation CCS 11-01.

The Portsmouth Town Council would do well to accept state legislators well-thought-out regulations on medical marijuana compassion centers, cease the resistance to Seth Bock’s state-approved center and get out of the way of safe access to medication. Further resistance to this state-approved progress does nothing but show just how out of touch our local elected officials are.

Rhode Island law has said they are patients and caregivers, not dopers or pushers. Why is the Portsmouth Town Council having a problem wrapping their heads around that?

Charles Reeves

Fall River