Letter: Duarte, Rioux get my school votes

Letter: Duarte, Rioux get my school votes


To the editor:

I choose Michelle Duarte and Nancy Rioux as candidates for Westport School Committee.

Michelle has been actively supporting our children and schools as school committee member and chairperson for the past three years.  Prior to this she was one of the founders of Westport Cares and she participates in numerous other town activities.  I see her actively volunteering with many after-school projects such as choir, school play, classroom volunteer and often think how fortunate our schools and children are when she any many other parents volunteer.

Michelle has dealt with tough issues of budgets, PCB’s, teacher and staff layoffs, increases in costs, increases in state and federal mandates while seeing decreases in state and federal aid and level funding from the town.  She and the board have kept their focus on the education of the children and had to adopt user fees that many other school districts are currently using to keep the class sizes manageable and education the priority.  She has driven for more transparency by recording all their meetings and downloading them on YouTube.  Agendas, meeting minutes and even the budget are now accessible to the community on-line.

Nancy brings to the board something that is missing with all the current members.  Nancy has the important K-12 experience and the training in education.  Nancy better understands the role, requirements and stresses that the teachers, staff and children experience in today’s schools.

These ladies are greatly vested in the schools being the best they can be because instead of sending their children out of district they have kept their children in Westport. They have children at each of the schools and understand the challenges and successes of the children because their children and their children’s friends are the children affected by the decisions of the school committee.  Many people see them at various activities because they are their supporting their children and our children.

\Come to Westport Candidates Night on Thursday March 28 at the high school starting at 7 p.m. and remember to vote on April 9.

Mary Cass