Letter: Don’t punish DaPonte for voting in support of pension reform

To the editor,
That wonderful time is upon us again where we have a chance to determine which way our state and city will go. As far as the City of East Providence, bankruptcy looms in the distance if we are not vigilant in overseeing what our elected officials are doing. Last time around, the NEA dumped millions of dollars into the campaigns of individuals to thwart any measure of fiscal responsibility pertaining to public sector union wages and benefits. The union prevailed and we can see what happened to our city.
Once again, the union bosses are rearing their ugly heads in sponsoring Roberto DaSilva over Daniel DaPonte. Both of these candidates are loyal Democrats, however, punishment is in store for Mr. DaPonte after voting for pension reform to help stabilize a fiscally irresponsible state government.
Mr. DaSilva, a Pawtucket police officer, obviously has his allegiance to union members, a minority of taxpayers in this city. Wouldn’t a politician whose job it is to work for all the citizens of his district put the welfare of his city first? Cuts are being made to support a large chunk of our tax dollars going to education. Education’s largest chunk of money goes to pensions and benefits. What cuts? Middle school sports is one I can think of that wouldn’t be “for the children.”
There is only so much the working people of this city can support. The unemployment rate is hovering over 12 percent. Business won’t invest here because of our horrible business climate and heavy-handed union control. Are we going to stand idle and watch while the union punishes someone for taking a stand and doing what common sense dictates or stay in the same, tired old rut of government by the special interests, for the special interests.
Fran Brelsford


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