Letter: Disgusted by smokers who litter our beach

Letter: Disgusted by smokers who litter our beach


To the editor:

I read a letter last week from Mike Martel about rights being taken away, etc. with the question of removing smoking rights on the beach.

I would like to comment on beach butts as well.I am lucky enough to be a regular on South Shore and Goosewing beaches all summer. I am so disgusted when people leave their trash without another glance. I am especially turned off by people who smoke all day, leaving all their butts on the sand.

Please tell me why  they think this is okay to do to our beautiful shoreline? This is plain ignorant. Please be more thoughtful of the beach and leave with all your trash  and butts. Thank you!

Barbara J. Swanson

Little Compton,


  1. By all means ban littering at the beach, Barbara. But that’s not what my tongue-in-cheek letter was about. The editor wants to ban smoking, outdoors, and in a public place. You don’t run around eroding people’s public rights just because they happen to be doing something that annoys you personally. I don’t smoke. I really don’t like the odor of cigarette smoke. But someone else’s legal right is their business. It isn’t my business to be a nosy busybody and attempt to stop them from doing something that I personally don’t like but does not harm me. Littering is different of course, we have laws against that. That wasn’t the point of the editorial. So what is the point of your letter?

    • …. since when is second hand smoke from cigarettes not harmful? I disagree with your statement there, Mr. Martel.

      And I’d personally like to make every person I watch drop a cigarette butt on the ground chew their butt and swallow it. Apparently whatever punishment results from violating current litter laws isn’t an effective deterrent for smokers.

  2. @CYNTHIA LACHAPELLE SHANNON , and where are your facts that they are harmful, because some doctor or person told you. so before you leave a comment please have some true facts, and good luck on getting me to chew and swallow a cigarette butt