Letter: Diman grads (and Westport Selectmen) voice support for Principal Montleon

Letter: Diman grads (and Westport Selectmen) voice support for Principal Montleon


To the editor:

We are writing this letter to offer our support to Superintendent Marta Montleon, and to advocate for the renewal of her contract as superintendent-director of Diman Regional Technical High School.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the situation, we will summarize the scenario for you.  The School Committee is considering not renewing Ms. Montleon’s contract in order to promote the current assistant superintendent and principal, Brian Bentley to that position.   While we have nothing but respect and admiration for Mr. Bentley, we do not see any justification for the removal of Ms. Montleon.

In our four years at Diman, not one of us can recall a negative thing that she has done or said.  She has done a tremendous job for Diman and the progress the school has made under her leadership speaks for itself.  As the Herald News Editorial Board recently reported, Diman test scores and graduation rates are at their highest ever thanks to Ms. Montleon’s leadership.

Nicholas Christ, chairman of the Chamber Education Committee, makes an excellent point in that same article – “How many superintendents have not been rehired after graduation rates and test scores have gone up?”

Ms. Montleon is a constant advocate for Diman and works tirelessly to promote its best interests.  For example, she is very frugal with the school’s budget and finances.  She is not afraid to stand her ground and will do so when the need arises, but her every-day demeanor is one of an approachable, kind, fair and compassionate person.

As for Mr. Bentley, we think he is doing an outstanding job as assistant superintendent -director /principal.  Should a higher position become available in the school department, we wholeheartedly offer our support to him. No one will refute Mr. Bentley’s abilities, however removing someone from their position when they are doing a great job is an injustice.

Removing someone who has been doing a great job for the sole purpose of promoting another is not right. The committee has yet to offer a compelling reason not to renew Ms. Montleon’s contract, and therefore, we ask the committee to provide evidence as to why Ms. Montleon does not deserve a contract renewal.

We feel that what is happening with her position is completely unfair.  It is our hope that the School Committee can put politics aside and do the right thing by renewing Ms. Montleon’s much deserved contract.


Jessica Couture, Valedictorian Class of 2013

Andrew Botelho, Salutatorian Class of 2013

Danielle Candido, Class of 2013

Jay Lee, Class of 2013

Kayla Leandro, Class of 2013

Ashley Cadorette, Class of 2013

Ryan Viveiros, Class of 2013

Editor’s note:  The Westport Board of Selectmen recently took a unanimous vote of support for Diman Superintendent-Director Marta Monteon. Noting that many Westport residents attend and have attended Diman Regional Vocational Technical, the Selectmen praised Ms. Montleon’s work at the school. And they noted the fact that Diman students have tackled several jobs for Westport, including improvements at the Highway Department barn, construction of a house on Gifford Road, and extensive renovations at the Grange Hall, among others.