Letter: Difficult, expensive to recycle in Portsmouth

Letter: Difficult, expensive to recycle in Portsmouth


Editor’s note: This letter was addressed to members of the Portsmouth Town Council.

To the editor:

Recycling in the town of Portsmouth needs to be made easier and less expensive for those desiring to help the planet by doing so.

My wife owns a home in Portsmouth that we use during the summer months. We pay for trash pickup, but the company does not recycle. Therefore, we use the recycling facility at the transfer station. As you know, the cost to use the recycling bins there is $130 for one vehicle.

The cost, coupled with the fact that it is not a real easy task at times (long lines and backups), has me sometimes wishing that I just put it out with the trash pickup.

Being retired, we have the luxury of being able to avoid the busier times at the transfer station, but I do feel sorry for those who have to use the station, particularly on Tuesday after a Monday holiday. If they don’t use it Tuesday, they’re stuck with their trash until Thursday!

Bob Hurley

Portsmouth summer resident