Letter: Democrats demand their way, never mind the ‘little guy’

Letter: Democrats demand their way, never mind the ‘little guy’


To the editor:

Not too long ago, a Republican representative shouted, “You lie.” The Democrats and compliant media were in high dudgeon, superciliously denouncing the loss of civility in governance.

Now, we witness these same Democrats comparing the Republicans to terrorists. Legislative maneuvers are likened to hostage taking. And the media? Crickets. No outrage here. In fact, the most outrageous Democrat declarations are not even reported.

Consider these few; Republicans as ‘arsonists,’ ‘anarchists,’ ‘extortionists,’ ‘blackmailers,’ ‘hostage-takers.’ It’s open season on Republicans and the “looney left” are in full throated condemnation.

Of what? A simple observations is this.

The President, of his own volition and unilaterally, grants exemptions and extensions to certain groups in the country, regardless of the laws’ specific applicability. When Republicans propose a corresponding extension to individuals, the Democrat response is, “That is unacceptable and we are not negotiating. The result is the Senate, in lock-step with its’ majority leader, Senator Harry Reid, shut down the federal government.

Ponder that, dear reader. A proposal to extend to the individual, precisely what the President has done, selectively, on his own, is unacceptable. Why?

Welcome to Democrat civility and concern for the “little guy”.

Joseph A. Matais



  1. I can see why Sen White house would be upset with the shut down. I’m sure it interferes with his inside trading . Washington been very very good to him !