Letter: Constituent urges East Providence Sen. Conley to support same-sex marriage legislation


To the editor,

I voted for Sen. William Conley in 2012 because I really supported his stance on issues. As his constituent, I’m writing to ask him to support marriage for same-sex couples by voting yes on marriage equality legislation.

I live here in East Providence. I’ve been committed to the person I love for many years. We have a family and would love to know that Rhode Island recognizes us as citizens, just like everyone else.

I do not want civil unions because it means I’m different, unequal, and I’m not. I’m a social worker who works with the mentally ill and the homeless. I drive to work every day, I pay taxes, I support charities and volunteer in my free time.
I’m just like everyone else and I feel that I deserve the same rights as Sen. Conley and his neighbors and his friends.

If he votes no, he’s sending a message that people are not equal. He’s saying that a person’s human worth and value is something that can be given and can be taken away. That is not what this country is about, that’s not what East Providence is about.

Sen. Conley, please support and represent me, as I have supported and elected you. It’s time for our state to pass a marriage bill in 2013.

Brienna Caparco
East Providence


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