Letter: Community came together to find Portsmouth dog

Letter: Community came together to find Portsmouth dog


To the editor:

To all the wonderful people who helped find Bruschi:

It was a bittersweet landing in beautiful Florida, when we received a frantic call from my parents that our dog went missing. All of us were immediately frantic and in tears; by that time it had been a few hours since he ran away from my dad. We knew the impending snowstorm was just hours away and we were helpless 1,200 miles away from home.

Bruschi is our “other” child; he just happens to be a golden retriever. For all of the animal-lovers out there, I’m sure you can imagine the horror we felt. I immediately put it on Facebook and prayed a friend or two would help my parents search for him. I knew this was a long shot with the snow approaching.

To my surprise, news spread like wildfire. Within hours people were assembling search teams, surrounding restaurants like 15 Point Road, my parents out on foot and driving and posting fliers everywhere, great friends and family out on foot, some even calling the schools where announcements were made and calling WBRU radio.

After two heart-wrenching days I received a call that a bloodhound team would like to come help find him, free of charge from Jamestown. I was beside myself. In tears I accepted their offer without thought of course, and that night after 54-plus very long hours and some frozen paws, those angels, LuAnn and Cathy, found our sweet boy huddled in the snow in the thick brush on Strawberry Lane, about two miles from home. He was very cold, hungry and petrified as he growled at them, uncharacteristically.

They brought his blanket from home, wrapped him in it and called my dad to come help carry him. They brought him home to an anxiously awaiting family and we received a call from my very emotional mom, just before boarding the plane, that they found him, cold but alive.

I cannot thank our community and the surrounding communities enough — friends, strangers, everyone — that pulled together through social media to find him. It really shows that there truly are so many kind souls in this world that will drop everything for a family’s pet in a dangerous situation. I still don’t know how he made it across Bristol Ferry Road safely, but I thank God he did. We would have been devastated without him. Our three girls, my parents, my husband and I can’t thank you all enough for bringing our boy home safely. God bless all of you for helping us.

Christine Lineberger and family (Rob, Jess, Emma, Bella and Bruschi)

30 Windward Drive