Letter: Climate all-nighter deserved gratitude, not disdain

Letter: Climate all-nighter deserved gratitude, not disdain


To the editor:

Bob Hayden’s letter headlined, “Senate all-nighter an embarrassing spectacle” (Mar. 20) foretokened what became an embarrassing outpouring of claptrap and misinformation.

As rare as was the group speak out, reporting it when it targeted climate change — already the most critical problem of our time — hardly deserves disdain. Such an effort (organized by Senator Whitehouse, it should be noted) was of course designed to attract the attention of the media — and also of the US public.

How politicians view climate change as a new form of taxation is puzzling. Perhaps Mr. Hayden was referring to the right-wingers who mostly deny climate change as a reality. These are the operatives who seek any way to advantage themselves and their big-money confreres who for a decade have dodged their fair share — if not the totality — of taxes but all the while have their hands out for what the government has taken in elsewhere. Thus the federal fisc needs no new or increased taxes to combat climate change.

The notion that man-made pollution is a “figment of Al Gore’s imagination” is, to the contrary, a  failure of Mr. Hayden’s information. A modicum of homework would confirm that.

Senator Whitehouse knows, of course, he alone cannot control climate change, but the attempt needs to begin somewhere if we are to sustain a planet on which there can be jobs. Together with Senator Reed he is working to improve our job picture. And they do it while closely watching developments domestically and in the Middle East, the Baltic countries, and elsewhere.

As for Mr. Hayden’s charge that they are “spending trillions of dollar of debt,” this is one of the many bald falsehoods right-wingers are peddling. Maybe they believe a dry treasury, plagued by austerity and sequestration, can spend. The deeper the debt they created by a combination of misspending and nob-spending, the more they push for more welfare for the wealthy.

Commendably, our senators are fighting to set a bottom on the debt hole by stimulating our economy with wise spending. This buttresses the President’s struggling (and sometimes succeeding) with improving our economy.

Charles M. Moran Jr.