Letter: Buck no longer stops at the top

To the editor:

The IRS and Benghazi scandals suggest an increasingly apparent pattern. Accounts of each divorces the top executives from any involvement. We are subjected to the phrase, and attempt to attribute actions to “lower level employees.”

How pathetic is that? The “buck” no longer stops at the top. Instead, we are asked to believe and accept the implication that there are “rogue” elements, running the show.

It once was accepted that when leading an organization, you could delegate authority to act in your name, but you can not delegate responsibility. Governance has now devolved to the point where the putative “leadership” expends its energy attempting to escape responsibility.

I recommend a return, figuratively, to a supposed Napoleonic prescription: “Nothing has so salutary an effect on the troops, as the occasional hanging of a general.”

These two scandals seem to qualify for the “hanging” of a few “generals.”

Joseph A. Matais

62 Linda Terrace



One Comment;

  1. Joyce said:

    To blame “lower level employees”, is like accusing the cashier at the grocery store for raising food prices.


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