Letter: Best spectator sport? Try Saturday T-ball

Letter: Best spectator sport? Try Saturday T-ball


To the editor:

Saturday morning I was at the Town Farm in Tiverton walking laps around the track.  At about 8:30 a.m., families with quite young children began arriving.  Soon after that it was apparent that I was about to get my first view of T-ball.

As I continued walking, the children and coaches were gathering in well organized groups.  The parents were drifting around the edges chatting and sipping coffee.  I have no grandchildren

and I don’t really know anyone involved in youth sports. I wish I did!

What I observed was truly uplifting and inspiring. There were a number of adults and young adults working with the kids.   I surmise that they were all volunteering their time.  As I walked around the track I could hear them interacting with the children.  They were talking to the children both individually and in groups in a positive and respectful manner, encouraging their efforts no matter the level of skill.  The kids seemed to be having a great time.

No one seemed annoyed when one very young child decided it would be more fun to be an airplane than participate in the drill at hand.  From my perspective the adults running the program are really good at what they are doing.  The program seemed totally focused on the kids and the parents didn’t get in the way.

I am sure the children participating were learning some baseball skills, but also much more.  The adults who are contributing their time to this program deserve a lot of credit and the town deserves credit for creating and maintaining a place where this can take place.

If you want to put a smile on your face, some Saturday morning around 9, go down to the Town Farm and watch T ball.  I certainly will again.

Lois Schuyler