Letter: Because symbols have meaning — it’s a Christmas tree

Letter: Because symbols have meaning — it’s a Christmas tree


To the editor:

My son said to me the other day, “Mom, you know the controversy about Christmas trees?”

I said, “What controversy?” He said, “You know, that it’s a holiday tree.”  I said, “There is no controversy. It’s a Christmas tree.”

It occurred to me that when I was his age, this was never a sentence that we heard. Before this holiday season begins, may I just add my thoughts to this issue.

Symbols have meaning.  A menorah is not just a Jewish candelabra (a comment I actually overheard recently); the American flag is not just a piece of fabric with some stripes and stars on it; the symbol of Christianity for thousands of years is a cross, not a “T”; and a Christmas tree is not a holiday tree.

I feel confident that people of all faiths will not be offended by a Christmas tree being correctly named.  It is more disrespectful to rename a symbol that is so important to so many.  We can have “Seasons Greetings” and we can have “Happy Holidays” but it is a Christmas tree — because symbols have meaning.

Karen Bagley