Letter: Attend town council meeting for trash talk

Letter: Attend town council meeting for trash talk


To the editor:

Two Environmental issues will be on the agenda when the Town Council is in session on February 20.

One topic is increasing our recycling rate. Increasing our recycling rate will reduce the amount of money that we pay to transfer our waste to the RIRRC.  The higher the percentage of our waste that is recycled, the more we profit from the recyclables sold by RIRRC. So, we save on trash disposal at the land fill and are paid for the recyclables we collect. We need to improve. We know Bristol can do better and together we will make it happen.

At our January 23 Town Council Meeting, I asked that the Council explore the idea of banning single use plastic bags in Bristol. Bristol supports a fishing community and a boating community. We have wetlands and beautiful open spaces. Protecting our natural assets is crucial for the future of Bristol. Currently the RIRRC does not have a recycling program for single use plastic bags. Supermarkets are required by state law to collect and recycle plastic bags. Less than 10% of the 192 million bags, consumed annually in RI, are brought back for recycling. The poor recycling rate means that approximately 172.8 million bags are either pollutants in our streets, neighborhoods and waters, or they end up in the landfill. The Council will explore a Plastic Bag Ban as part of the agenda on February 20.

I encourage all interested Bristol Residents to come and participate in the discussion.

Timothy E. Sweeney
82 Church Street

Note: Timothy Sweeney is a member of the Bristol Town Council