Letter: An easy answer to Arlene Violet’s question

Letter: An easy answer to Arlene Violet’s question


To the editor:
I must admit, it’s bewildering to me — to say the least — how Arlene Violet, who continually sanctimoniously rails against RI Republicans, can mindlessly exclaim: “The problem with this state is that the leaders have little vision to be sure. However, the rest of the taxpayers don’t hold anybody accountable. Just check the election results a month ago. The public returned the politicians [ie  Democrats] as usual to do business as usual. How can anything really change?” (East Bay Life, 5-6 Dec. 13)…
Well, Arlene, if you are really serious about wanting an answer to this question, it is: “Rhode Islanders should stop mindlessly voting Democrats in to office — despite your constantly urging them to do so!”
Karl F. Stephens MD


  1. What is new. For the past 40 years since I moved to Rhode Island ,they have been electing Democracts.You listen to all the radio talk show and you would thinkt here would be a change. The Democracts know these talk shows are a joke. I joined the tea party and they have no support. The unions yes the school teachers have control.
    This state will not change and put us in bankrupity. I am all for it.