Letter: A Valentine’s message

Letter: A Valentine’s message


To the editor:
All holidays are where the heart is and they also remind us of time passing all of us by. Life may feel as fleeting as a high school football game at Thanksgiving. You know it will end all too quick along with our adolescence. The years rushing by like opposing linebackers. Often likened to “Camelot” – the mythical world lasting, as a Broadway lyric lamented, just “one brief, shining moment.”

They come out of nowhere every year. These kids who find their moment, their time. You can’t find what they did for us someplace on a map. But at a place in our hearts. Making them skip a beat and in some cases maybe two. Our veterans past and present are the best tonic for an America in trouble. They are straight-arrow heroes and my special Valentine.

Life’s a gamble with cards stacked against us. We are born, grow, have children, grow older, then die ourselves. Yet as grim as that sounds most people embrace those terms. The silent mantra is let my children outlive me. We learn from one another a certainty. At departure the dying want love in the room. In case we forget that universal lesson let history’s wars be a poignant reminder.

When a dear one passes your broken heart feels uniquely painful. And the sight of another’s happiness only makes it worse. But eventually comes the knowledge that our own experiences are seldom unique.

Everyone’s happiness is fragile. All expectations can be dashed. The trick is to manage holiday memories and current loss while putting on a good show of fun and optimism for others. Cheer up others and you’ll cheer up yourself! The act becomes the reality. You can take Valentine’s Day or leave it. I’ll take it, at least one day devoted to love during this dark and quiet time of year.

“God bless the broken road that led me to you.” – Rascal Flatts

What a great song lyric. And it’s so true for so many people. For those traveling the broken side of the road here’s something to remember. The disappointment of doors closing on you is clearing the way for the most important door to open. And remember this, it only takes one. Talking’s done for now, you need to find out for yourself. Go on, open the door.

To our veterans past and present and a little buddy of mine.

Happy Valentine’s Day! America loves you and so do I.

Ronald Raposa
16 Rosita Ave.