Letter: A thank you to E.G. Whiteknact School

Letter: A thank you to E.G. Whiteknact School


To the editor:

I, Elvia Brown, want to thank all my students, Dr. Lima and all of my friends on staff for the fantastic sendoff I got on my retirement after 40 years and 4 months. My children kept me young and going every day. Mr. Holtzman, you are a good friend.

The yearbook was special. Thank you Mrs. Hurd and Mrs. Raposa for writing the words to O-Solo-Mio. Thany you all for the flowers (some came from Arizona) and the memory book. The great food, the bling necklace, the trophy and last but not least the Townie hoodie and Townie t-shirt with my name and my very own No. 40. Thank you for the generous gift card and also all the cards from the children.

Thank you to my now students and the ones before you, to all the teachers I had at Whiteknact and the ones I’m leaving now. I will miss every one there, including the principals and the custodians. If I missed someone I am just having a senior moment. Wishing you all good health and much happiness.

P.S.: I also got a citation from the House of Representatives proposed by Rep. Roberto DaSilva.

Elvia Brown

East Providence