Letter: A message from Dr. Johnson’s family

Letter: A message from Dr. Johnson’s family

Dr. David A. Johnson was the owner of Portsmouth Medical Center.

Dr. David A. Johnson, a Barrington resident who was the owner and sole physician at Portsmouth Medical Center on Chase Road in Portsmouth, died Aug. 6 after battling cancer. He was 59. This is a message from his family.

To the editor:

Our family feels compelled to deliver a message to all Dr. Johnson’s patients. As many of you know, Dr. Johnson’s dedication to each of his patients was unique. Dr. J took the responsibility for the physical and emotional health of his patients very seriously, never abandoning any of you. In his memory, his family will carry forward this commitment.

Until my husband/our father’s final days, he talked of his practice and the need for a careful transition of his patient population into the hands of providers with the same caring philosophy as he had. Though Dr. J had difficulty letting go of the idea that he would practice again, the realization that this would not be possible led us to recent discussions of transitioning his patients’ care to a worthy group of providers.

Our family hopes to finalize and announce details of this transition shortly. We believe the group we are speaking with will provide a wide array of services and patient support to include a female practitioner, something Dr. Johnson believed was essential for a comprehensive well rounded practice.

Dr. Johnson was touched and continuously strengthened throughout this difficult battle by letters and cards that poured in from his patients. The number of patients who attended his wake and funeral would have equally moved him. Our family listened intently to the many stories of how Dr. J helped so many people. His legacy lives on through, not only his children, but also through all of those he cared for in his 30 years of primary care practice. We deeply thank you for those “stories.”

We also thank you all for your patience as we honor Dave’s wishes in making sure you are all taken care of in having access to quality primary care services. We promise to keep you updated. A final message to you from Dave with the help of Yogi Berra “Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good, too.” Go Yankees!

The family of Dr. David A. Johnson



  1. What a wonderful letter, I am very sure that his patients will appreciate this ever so much. May his legacy carry on through all of you. You are all in my prayers. God bless you all xoxo