Let’s take a moment to enjoy the new bridge

Let’s take a moment to enjoy the new bridge


To the editor:

The vast majority of the focus over the past several weeks has been on the decision by the State of Rhode Island to initiate tolls on the Sakonnet River Bridge after it is completed.  There is no doubt that tolls will cripple many businesses and be an additional financial burden to many of us who need to cross the bridge daily to get to our places of employment.

However, I would like to take this opportunity to remind all of us how impressive it has been over the past several years to see this bridge take shape before our very eyes.  Living on Evans Avenue has been a mixed blessing — we experienced a year of road work (new gas, electric, and sewer lines) prior to its official start, as well as street closings and constant noise, dust and trucks.

We also experienced an exceptionally professional and cooperative crew of Cardi employees on a daily basis.  These folks took their jobs seriously, realized that they were disrupting our lives and tried their best to minimize the aggravation.  Although there were too many to name personally we need to particularly acknowledge Paul Grimaldi, Jack and Mike(s) from Cardi’s and Sam from DOT who were particularly responsive to problems and concerns.

We often view the state and corporations as faceless entities, but we saw the faces daily and they were incredibly hardworking and demonstrated integrity in their work and in their dealings with the neighborhood.  This is a bridge that should instill pride and confidence to our community and the workers deserve credit for their hard work and, in our opinion, timely completion of this vast project.  Thank you for your continued efforts.   (By the way, about those tolls …)

Jim Azar and Brenda Bishop Azar



  1. Glad to hear things went well for the people affected by the construction . The thing is if the legislature didn’t spend the money dedicated to bridge maintenance on other items in the budget we wouldn’t have needed a new bridge. The Toll over shadows any good feelings of this debacle .