Learn why recycling is so critical

Learn why recycling is so critical


UnknownDid you know that each of us produces an average of 4.5 pounds of waste every day? Have you ever wondered what happens to all that waste after the Department of Public Works picks it up?

Chances are you’ve heard about the Central Landfill in Johnston. This is where our waste goes and then it’s out of sight,out of mind. But did you know that the Central Landfill has a lifespan?

The Central Landfill is projected to reach its full capacity by 2038, and then we’ll have to find another place to send our waste. Where will that be and how much will it cost to send it there?

The waste we currently send to the landfill is buried but it isn’t gone. It’s still slowly decomposing underground. A carrot you threw away a few years ago is probably still orange and probably still crisp!

Did you know that computer monitors and televisions are banned from the Central Landfill and that it’s your responsibility to bring them to the E-waste recycling container at the Bristol Transfer Station? Think about how many televisions, computers, smart phones and other devices you currently have. Now think about how often you’ll replace these items because technology is constantly changing. Can you imagine the amount of waste these replacements will create? We must recycle!

Did you know it takes 17 fully grown trees to produce one ton of paper? Think about how much paper you use every day. If we all make the effort to recycle our paper waste, we can harvest fewer trees which will save energy and reduce waste.

Did you know that we use about 60 million plastic water bottles every day? It will take almost 500 years for plastic to decompose. That means all of the plastic that’s ever been produced is still here.  Plastic can break down into smaller particles which can be consumed by the fish and wildlife we eat. What’s the long-term impact of this on our health? We must recycle!

To learn more, join The Bristol Recycles Committee on April 27 at 5 p.m. to watch the documentary, TRASHED, in the auditorium at Mt. Hope High School. Admission is free.

We hope to see you there.

E. Keith Maloney, Bristol Recycles

Timothy Sweeney, Bristol Town Council