Jack Sisson the victim of petty smear campaign

Jack Sisson the victim of petty smear campaign


To the editor:

I am sick and tired of this smear campaign and absurd legal action taken against Harold “Jack” Sisson, town highway surveyor.

He has done nothing but help this town and its citizens with heart. No one was complaining when he was fattening the town’s bank accounts because of his insight or all of the many other things he’s done for this town. He loves this town. His roots here go back many generations. He does what is right! That word doesn’t seem to mean much anymore.

Go Jack — Only a handful of petty, jealous, controlling people are behind this. Shame on you!

And another thing — Jack has never been a thief or deceitful person. He wasn’t brought up that way. His father, Harold Sisson Sr. (some of you knew), once quit a job at a time when he had a wife and four small children to take care of because one of the men on the job stole something. He said, “I’ll never be labeled as a thief.” I should know. I’m his daughter and Jack’s sister.

Candy Sisson