Letter: It’s about time; Stafford Pond deserves protection

Letter: It’s about time; Stafford Pond deserves protection

Stafford Pond from above (Google Earth image).

To the editor:

Thank goodness, finally, Stafford Pond is in the news.

For years we have wondered why there was such a lack of concern about the town’s water quality.

Town government, particularly the Stone Bridge Water Department, has not made an aggressive effort to stop all recreation on the pond.

It is also a clear lack of common sense and responsibility for the Department of Environmental Management (DEM) to be stocking the pond and promoting fishing tournaments. Maintaining a boat ramp there is mind-boggling.

When we saw the picture recently in the Sakonnet Times of all the boats and trailers on the shore of the pond, we were disgusted. There is no other town or state that I know of that doesn’t forcibly protect their water supply.

To think that those who get town water from the pond  have to drink, cook and bathe in it, is not a pleasant thought.

I do hope that the current talks will produce some sound and sensible results, and will not just fade away.

Betty Jerome