In defense of Coach Anelundi

In defense of Coach Anelundi


To the editor: 

As a former coach, I feel obligated to speak out in defense of Coach Ed Anelundi, especially after reading Mr. Leviss’ letter. I defend the right of every citizen to speak out against any injustice, and in this case, Mr. Leviss if off base!

Coach Anelundi is a member of the Rhode Island Interscholastic Hall of Fame as well as the East Providence High School Hall of Fame. His character is beyond reproach!

I have known “Eddie,” as he is affectionately known his players, since 1942, first as an opponent and later as a friend. He has always promoted a winning attitude amongst his players. To insinuate that he is abusive because he yelled at someone is ludicrous! Coach Anelundi has always conducted himself in a professional manner.

After 18 years of service to the youth of Barrington, he should be praised, not criticized.

Coach Frank Murgo


Editor’s note: Jonathan Leviss spoke at a Barrington School Committee meeting, criticizing Coach Anelundi’s treatment of certain athletes on the tennis team.