I’m opposed to Main Street home demolition

I’m opposed to Main Street home demolition


To the editor:

In regard to the plan to demolish the funeral home building to make way for a parking lot: As if we need another hole that only functions as parking ruining Main Street — I am entirely opposed to tearing down this building. The building itself isn’t particularly distinguished, but it sits amongst a host of buildings that are extremely distinguished, and removing the Tuell house would compromise the historic fabric of everything else surrounding it. Parking needs to stop being the be all and end all priority in Warren.

Parking as a general excuse for demolition that needs to be put to sleep. The reality is that we live in an area that was not laid out to accommodate cars, and so much the better — our town is beautifully walkable and scaled for ease of use without cars. If parking is an issue, lets look for creative solutions that don’t involve destroying our collective history — off the top of my head I can think of four enormous parking lots that sit empty the vast majority of the time: the park and ride, the school lot, the St. Mary’s lot and the handkerchief factory lot. Granted, several of these are on private property, but with a 70-year history in Warren, Romano Funeral Home should both recognize the importance of the history that their family business has become a part of and have the connections to broker an advantageous deal with their neighbors to share off-street parking.

We, as a town, need to stop recognizing this lame parking excuse as a valid reason for erasing the past, and develop alternatives.

Nicholas Heywood