I support Chris Stanley, Dave Frerichs and Cathy Tattrie

I support Chris Stanley, Dave Frerichs and Cathy Tattrie


To the editor:

I live on Ridgeway Drive in Warren close to where the high power lines intersect the street.  The area along the power lines creates a wide and open space through Bristol, and is often used by area residents for recreation.  Recently a large yellow traffic barrier was put in place at the intersection.  I initially thought the effort was an attempt to bar access, and as I frequent this “trail” , I contacted members of the town council to inquire about access.  Council members Chris Stanley and David Frerichs returned my email directly and put me in touch with town manager Tom Gordon.  Tom took the time to call me personally and inform me about the National Grid Trail Plan (information available on the towns web site).  I was excited to hear that the area is being looked at by both Warren and Bristol for development similar to the bike path.  The quickness of their response and the professionalism with which it was handled impressed me greatly.  I have turned to these men in the past for assistance and they have always come through beyond my expectations.  Their presence has long made this town a bastion of the essence of small town America.  Placing term limits on members of the town council means that people like these will be removed from office as a matter of policy rather than a vote of the people, and I am against it.  Because of their openness, willing to help attitude and genuine caring for this community that I continue to support Chris Stanley, Dave Frerichs and Cathy Tattrie.

Patrick Rimoshytus

19 Ridgeway Drive