Healing Place : A refuge for cancer patients

Healing Place : A refuge for cancer patients


To the editor:

I am writing to let people know about a wonderful place for cancer patients and their caregivers – The Healing Cooperative in Middletown.  Its founder and executive director, Linda Phelan, created this warm and comforting haven after she was diagnosed 22 years ago.  Since 1995, it has become a saving grace for many who need support, respite, and love.  Linda works unselfishly and is very dedicated to the lives of many, having created outdoor activities, support groups, retreats, workshops, therapeutic bodywork, lectures, a lending library, telephone outreach, shaving ceremonies, and more.  The Coop has lost 30 beautiful and courageous women who were provided a place for weary heads and hearts to rest and receive care.  It continually enriches the quality of life for those going through the many rough stages of cancer.  Substantial achievements for a humbly budgeted organization!

Linda has worked tirelessly to submit applications to every charitable foundation of which she knows, with no luck.  It is sad and frustrating to think that, because of a lack of funding, this “little piece of heaven” that has helped sustain cancer patients/survivors and their caregivers may close.  Use of reserve money has to be used now because donations are slow in coming.  Some of the needs include work on the exterior of the building and the continuation of these valuable programs.

During this holiday season and beyond, if you are able to make a contribution to a very worthy cause that has affected many women and their families, please consider giving to The Healing Coop.   Cancer in women has reached epic proportions and we all know someone among those diagnosed .  This special place needs your help.  Any small or large donation would be most appreciated and would be applied directly to the continuance of all the programs and building structure.

Kindly send donations to: The Healing Cooperative, 272 Mitchell’s Lane, Middletown, RI 02842.

Leslie Improta

North Kingstown