Governor shortchanges Bristol County Sheriff’s Office

Governor shortchanges Bristol County Sheriff’s Office


To the editor:

When you see the funding differences between what the state sends to the Bristol County Sheriff’s Office and the funding provided for the other six major-county sheriffs, you will note immediately that the inequity doesn’t pass the smell test.

It chafes a bit to note that the six major county sheriffs receive a total of just over $139,000,000 more than Bristol County and in the case of the only sheriff’s office that has a larger population — Suffolk with 410 more inmates — receives $61,383,923 more than Bristol County receives.

The unconscionable way money is distributed by the state to the various sheriffs offices is a clear and present danger to the public safety of county citizens, my staff and the inmate population.

The governor clearly has differences with me on public safety policy issues. He should not, however, be allowed to casually withhold taxpayers monies from those with whom he disagrees. It is, unfortunately, his modus operandi.

The game of retaliatory politics is tiresome, childish and clearly nudging closely to illegal as a method of appropriating necessary funding for public safety.

Gov. Patrick needs to immediately supply Bristol County with an additional $7.5 million to make whole the safety of its citizens.

Must someone be seriously hurt or killed before the state gets it right?

Thomas M. Hodgson

Bristol County Sheriff