Government ignored my husband’s Agent Orange misery

Government ignored my husband’s Agent Orange misery


To the editor:

I am writing with regard to the comments from Ms. Mello about the effects of Agent Orange on Vietnam veterans.

My husband was drenched many times with this poison. He served with the 101st Airborne and was in Strike Force and constantly in the bush battling the enemy during both the Tet Offensive and in I Corps and the A Shau Valley.

I recently lost my husband to the ravages of Agent Orange. He did not receive any consideration, testing or care as he suffered these effects for the final ten years of his life. We ourselves paid for his treatment all these years.

The ravages of this poison impacted his entire vascular system and, in the end, gave him cancer of the lung, stomach and liver. He had 15 stents in his heart, one in his kidney artery, and had damage to his carotid — all from Agent Orange.

The U.S. government did not acknowledge this as service-related until his death. As a reward for picking shrapnel out of my husband’s body for years after his return, the government withheld his Purple Heat to this day. Wounded and suffering, he was ignored by the system.

Ms. Mello’s letter is truthful and it is refreshing to see that someone cares about this outrage. Generations have and will continue to suffer from the effects of Agent Orange.

Leone F. Farias