Global warming: Evidence is tough to miss

To the editor:

The letter by Joseph A. Matais claiming that the concern about global warming is a hyped-up scare, a hoax, and “all about the money” prompts this response.

“No one knows,” claims the letter, if there really is a warming happening today.
Sorry, a great number of people, eminent scientists, do indeed know, pointing to more frequent storms, more severe droughts, warmer ocean temperatures, the migration of semitropical insects and animals northward, and record high average temperatures in the most recent years.
Further, today’s Earth now has to support far more humans than ever before, who both consume resources and whose actions increase global warming. To equate the foregoing facts with the Piltdown myth, and to deny, after superstorm Sandy, “that immediate action is needed” (the letter’s concluding words), is complacent and cynical.
Caleb Woodhouse
Little Compton


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