Future is indeed bright for Little Compton’s school

Future is indeed bright for Little Compton’s school


To the editor:

The sun is inching up further a little more each day with its promise of Spring, imbuing all with a renewed sense of hope. I would implore every resident of Little Compton to hold that hope close in their hearts — the public school children of this town have certainly chosen to.

It is officially day seven in the modular classrooms as I write this and the only badges of courage I see are the genuine smiles on the children’s faces. It’s working. The modular classrooms are working. The teachers have rallied and made their classrooms as wonderful as possible. Most of the classrooms are spacious, all have at least one window and they will be more than sufficient to continue the students on their academic journey, an academic journey that needs to be commended.
The results of the RI NECAP assessment testing were released just before February break. The results were incredible. In the midst of the mold and contentious school committee meetings, in the midst of school books packed away in boxes and no access to their school library, the Wilbur & McMahon students scored a 90% proficiency rating in reading — tied with East Greenwich and only Barrington scored higher at 92%.

In math we tied Barrington with an 84% proficiency rating, with only Jamestown scoring higher at an 86%. Wilbur & McMahon School is one of the top five performing schools in the state.
It’s working. Our school is working in whatever form it has taken. The teachers believe, the students believe and now it is time for the residents of Little Compton to believe. It is time to rally behind the school, not tear it down verbally. It is time to be positive.
The promise of Spring is truly in the air. Let it remind us all that this is a time of beginnings and not of endings. Let us hold the hope of our children’s future in our hearts, always.

Alli Brady

Little Compton


  1. $6,287,000 is the total school budget divided by 276 students = $22,780.98 per student which is insanity….. You could hire private tutors for each student for the the eight months teachers work and come out cheaper!

    • It is precisely this type of negative, black & white opinion that I wrote this essay to try to diffuse, Mr. Kelly. These high performing students need our support, especially now. They have proven time and time again that they are worthy of it; through their resiliency to every hardship they face, their tenacious will and academic high performance. May I also gently remind you that there are a multitude of other costs that go into the school budget aside from the cost per student. For those numbers you should contact the WMS administration directly.
      This essay was written as a concerned parent who lives in a town that has abandoned the needs of its’ future: That future is our children.