For our economy, vote yes for table games

For our economy, vote yes for table games


To the editor:

As November 6 approaches, we all need to be reminded that the state of our state lies within our own hands — or should we say vote. Table games, a long held debate, no longer should be in question. With Massachusetts closing in on their own full fledged casino plans, Rhode Islanders must too approve such a move for us to be able to protect what is currently our third largest source of revenue for the state. Around $300 million dollars in revenue was received by the state of Rhode Island last year from Twin River Casino & Newport Grand. In my opinion, we will lose out if we stay complacent and let our revenue find its way to Massachusetts.

As of August 2012, we held the second highest unemployment rate in the country – 10.7 percent. How could we pass this opportunity to put our people to work and further maintain the livelihood of the current employees at the gaming establishments, not to mention the community jobs that would be needed to support the development at both gaming facilities? We certainly can’t forget the much needed economic stimulus it would bring as well.

Not convinced yet? As Rhode Island taxpayers. we all hold a vested interest in how the chips fall on this one. Not passing Question 1 on the ballot will surely negatively impact every Rhode Island taxpayer and their tax bills moving forward.

Yes I am an employee of Twin River and am very grateful to be so. I couldn’t find a better company to work for if I tried. However; my support on such a cause comes from my status as a Rhode Island taxpayer and knowing that this is what is right for our state and for any Rhode Island taxpayer. I encourage you to not only vote, but to vote yes on question 1 – as Rhode Island’s future depends on it.

Holly Martucci