Farm life — Not such easy pickings

Farm life — Not such easy pickings


To the editor:

A week and a half ago I started a new job as a blueberry picker at Berry Hill Farm on Pinehill Road. As I reached the driveway for the first day I thought about how easy blueberry picking would be and how the cash would roll in.

I then realized that this was not the case. I quickly learned that sitting in the hot sun trying to pick blueberries was not a walk in the park. The fact that all of that week temperatures were in the high 90’s did not help.

This then made me realize how people take farmers for granted — how people overlook the hard work put into getting the blueberries they are eating into their pancakes. I also thought about how I didn’t need the money — how I was just doing it to pay for wants and not needs. Farmers do this for their needs.

So I ask whoever reads this that the next time you eat something that came from a small local farm to please think about the hard work that got that food to you.

Chad Furtado

Sophomore, Westport High School