Even legislators unaware of gun battles being waged

Even legislators unaware of gun battles being waged


To the editor:

Thursday morning’s Providence Journal had a foolish Politifact article about the claim by State Rep. Linda Finn on how the state could tell you who has a camper, but not a gun. This demonstrates the shallow thought behind her present gun bill H-5573. She doesn’t have a clue or chooses to ignore the very purpose of the Constitution’s Second Amendment and the reason why the RI General Law 11-47-41forbids keeping a list of privately owned guns or gun owners, which is the protection against confiscation by forces that would quickly disarm the average law abiding citizens, thus leaving them at the mercy of that force or any other groups that would enslave them. So, you say it can’t happen in our state or country. Do you need to be informed that a battle is going on right now in Congress as to whether it is legal for the federal government to use drone aircraft to kill U.S. citizens on U.S. soil without due process of law? Ten years ago this question would not have even come up for discussion, because it would have been deemed so outrageous.

Welcome to the new and transformed United States of America.

Raymond F. Palmieri Sr.

53 Beth Ave.